Who is Paramji?

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Paramji is Guru.  Paramji is Param Siddhi, Maha-Yogi.

Paramji is the Powerhouse. Paramji’s wish is to spread the P3Y System.

All जीव मात्रा (Living Beings) can benefit.

His work is incomplete.  “जब तक एक जीव दुखी है, तब तक मेरा सुख अधूरा.”

(“Even if only one living being is unhappy, my work is still incomplete”).

About P3Y

P3Y is the technique of Paramji created for the good of one’s self as well as the world. P3Y is the energy for the good of the mankind to fulfill all good desires of the whole world. To allay anxiety and to cure all ailments. Anyone can use the energy of P3Y, despite any creed or religion.  The person can continue believing in his religion, in his god and still can benefit from the power of p3y for the development of mundane and supra-mundane achievements.  And for a better future.  And of peace and harmony in own life as well as for the world.  Even can take advantage, an atheist, of the energy of P3Y for his or her happiness and progress.

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Paramji’s Word


P3Y is for all persons of the world.  Despite his creed or religion.

P3Y works for all, except the IDLE (lazy).

Paramji : “आलसी की कोई इच्छा पूरी नही होती (No desires of the lazy are fulfilled).  I am for those who work hard, but still do not get success. मेरे से जो माँगॉगे मिलेगा, मगर माँगना परेगा (Mere se jo mangoge milega, magar manga parega).”

Paramji: “आलसी की कोई इच्छा पूरी नही होती (Anything is possible). Nothing is impossible. मेरी इच्छा है, जीव मात्रा को, मेरी विधया से लाभ हो (My desire is that all living beings can benefit from my knowledge)”.

Paramji: “Heaven may fail. But my words will not fail. My words are true as the sun rises in the east.”

Paramji: “Believe in me & you will be saved.  Discharge your duty most efficiently.  दिन बना है काम करने के लिए. खूब पैसे कमाओ. रात बनी है साधना के लिए. अकचे साधक बनो. (The day was made for working. Make lots of money.  The night was made for devotion. Become a good devotee.

Paramji:  खूब कमाओ (Make lots of Money).  Money is next to God. जो Brain पैसा कमा सकता, वही brain अच्छी साधना कर सकता. मेरा शिष्या होकर धनी ना बने हो ही नही सकता.  (The brain that can make money, can also do good worship.  It’s impossible that my devotees should not be wealthy).

Paramji:  Paramji me khub Shakti hai (Paramji is a powerhouse of energy). Vah Shakti jo khinchta hai, Uski ichha jaldi puri hoti hai (Those who pull that energy with all their might will have their wishes fulfilled quicker).