P3Y is the supernatural holy power of Paramji.
P3Y is an acronym for Paramji, Papr, Param-Yog : P P P Y = P3Y.

P1. Paramji, alias His Holiness and His Invisible, Holy Power .
P2. Papr is body or material life. With the use of Papr, Desires are fulfilled, Diseases are cured, and Calamities are averted (big calamities are minimized, ensuring minimal loss).
P3. ParamYog is mind. With Param Yog, you attain Mental Peace.

P3Y is the complete system. 
It is the combination of the above three that will transform your life.

How Do You Utilize the Power of P3Y?
How do you do a PAPR to fulfill desires of the material world?

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