CHARNAM SHARNAM GACCHAMI.... Hey!!! i am an engg. graduate from india i was tryin to get in to good govt. jobs in engg. sector but coudn't make through then i param ji made me realise that engg. was nt my path & i swithched lane to banking sector & preparing very hard since 2014 to get in to a good paying govt. job but as its says in p3y "aalsi ko sukh ki prapti nai hoti" translation "a lazy soul cannot attain ultimate happiness" i think i was lazy & not preparing enough this year i practice hard & just now i cleared a bank pre- exam with the blessings of param ji. Now this saturday i have the main exam of the same & again i want paramji blessings to get through mains with good marks & get an interview call. "paramji devotee can never stay unhappy"
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