Cure Mental Diseases with P3Y

Mental Diseases That Can Be Cured with P3Y

This is a list of Mental Diseases and symptoms of pain that can be cured with P3Y.

1. Mental Illnesses: Some symptoms of Insomnia, Neurosis, Depression, Anxiety, all types of Psychosis, Schizophrenias all kinds of Phobias, Manias and other incurable Psychosomatic diseases are given below. The medical investigations of the patients suffering from such diseases do not discover any disease entity. But the patients feel inscrutable and excruciating pain in such diseases.

2. Sleep Related: No Sleep or disturbed sleep (Insomnia). Bad, horrible and dreadful dreams (Nightmares). Dryness of mouth. Excessive thirst (Polydypsia). Heaviness of head, Headache and Migraine, inscrutable and excruciating pain or slow and continuous pain in any part or whole head, nape, neck, chest, heart or body. Numbness & lethargy. Tingling in hand and feet in high frequency. Rumination. Belching every now & then.

3. Appetite: Loss of appetite. Diminish Appetite (Anorexia), indigestion, Vague Ache, Constipation, Loose Motion (Diarrhoea), Palpitation, Breathless-ness, Shortness of Breathe, difficulty in Inhaling or Exhaling (Dyspnoea) etc. Blurred Vision, uneasiness, restlessness, nervousness. Excessive Perspiration over sole, palms, forehead or whole body. Dreadfulness, acute feeling of Impending Death. Patients Feels as if now I will Die, now I will die. Blood pressure, high Or low.

4. Mental/Physical Weakness: Slowing down of mental and Physical functions. Less work causing more feeling of fatigue and tiredness. Reduced efficiency and activity. Feeling of passivity. Tendency of postponing the necessary work. Neglect of daily routine and work. Negativism. Unexplained worry & anxiety.

5. Memory/Will Power Related: Unsteadiness, forgetfulness, fickle mindness. Wavering mind, loss of memory (Amnesia). Blunting of will power. Reduction of drive and desire to carry out routine. Developing inability to do anything properly. Day dreaming, riding fancies or getting absorbed in imaginary ideas, excess of thinking. Diminished enthusiasm. Feeling of worthless, uselessness or Hopelessness

6. Suicidal or Homicidal Tendencies: Crying spells. Lack of confidence, feeling of diffidence. Escapism, shunting the responsibilities. Tendencies to make blunders and justifying other fellow, etc. Weariness, chaotic state of mind, emotional instability, no mental peace.

7. Sense of Insecurity: Pinning for or worrying over trivial things, high strung. Hyper sensitiveness. Irritable, hysteric short temper, schizoid personality, extremely suspicious and dubious, shy, reserved, asocial, poor mixer, reckless, anti-social etc. panicky unexplained fear. Not going out due to unexplained fear. All sorts of phobias such as fear of height, depth, space, close space, wide open space, pin, pets, animals, etc. Feeling of aloofness and loneliness.

8. Impaired Concentration: Inability to take decision, tendency to delay decision, changing decision every now and then. Taking wrong decisions & then brooding over for long. Indecisiveness.

9. Tension and Worries: Now what will happen. Now what will happen. Now what the hell will come next etc. Remorse. Sadness of mood. Loss of cheerfulness. Poverty of ideas. Psychomotor retardation, hesitation, Apprehension, stage fear, examination or interview fear, inability to express oneself before a great man.

10. Obsessions: Persistent recurrence of unwelcome, undesirable, unpleasant and unwanted ideas or thoughts. Remembering horrible experiences. Here the patient tries to avoid such thoughts but the thoughts haunt him every now and then. Abnormal behaviours: washing of hands, feet, utensils, etc. again & again: was not washing them at all. Taking impiety for piety and vice versa etc.

11. Morbid fear as if something is going to happen to me. Melancholic – always thinking, why such things happen to me alone etc.

12. Obsessional urge : Patient does certain thing repeatedly which he realizes as foolish, useless or even dangerous.