Paramji Mission

Peace, Prosperity & Happiness for Mankind

परमजी में खूब शक्ति है. वह शक्ति जो खींचता है, उसकी इच्छा जल्दी पूरी होती हैं


Paramji came to protect the Sanatan Dharma.  He created P3Y to help mankind find peace, prosperity, happiness. P3Y is Paramji, Papr & Paramyog. Paramji is His Holiness and His Invisible, Holy Power. Papr is to help the common man in the material world. Paramyog is to help mankind with spiritual growth.  The combination of all three is the complete system that will transform your life.

The term Sanatan Dharma in literal terms means the Eternal Dharma, and Dharma is interpreted to mean the rules or laws that are applied to the Eternal culture or way of living. In addition prefexed to Sanatan Dharma is the word “Satya” meaning truthful. Therefore the religion of India is known as Satya Sanatan Dharma: The enternal way of living based on expounding and living by the principles of Truth, Honesty and Integrity.


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