1949411P3Y has no relation of any sort with any religion in the world and can be practiced by one and all despite their faith.

PARAMJI – Paramji, alias his Holiness, and his invisible Holy Power have created P3Y to help the universe.

PAPR – fulfills your desires. It rids you of any kind of discomfort, pain or ailment. You can save yourself from any lingering evil or any forthcoming trouble completely . It cures all incurable diseases like blood pressure problems, diabetes, heart diseases and all such diseases which have no true cure in this world.It also increases the IQ, concentration and memory power of students.

PARAMYOG – brings mental peace, rhythm, and harmony in daily life.

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It is the supernatural holy power of Paramji.
P3Y is Paramji, Papr, Param-Yog : P P P Y = P3Y.

P1. Paramji, alias His Holiness and His Invisible, Holy Power .
P2. Papr is body or material life. With the use of Papr, Desires are fulfilled, Diseases are cured, and Calamities are averted (big calamities are minimized, ensuring minimal loss).
P3. Param Yog is mind. With Param Yog, you attain Mental Peace.

P3Y is the complete system. 
It is the combination of the above three that will transform your life.